Professional Services


Powerco Approved Contractors

Tree Tuck is Wanganui's only locally owned, certified and approved Arborist in powerline utility tree work. Our job is to maintain and manage the vegetation within the Whanganui region's Powerco network.

Tree Felling, Dismantling and Pruning

Our team of Arborists are experienced in all aspects of tree care and maintenance, providing exceptional quality and service to our clients. 

  • Residential Maintenance 

  • Reducing Trees

  • Sectional Clearing 

  • Difficult Tree Removal 

  • Tree/Canopy Thinning

  • Formative Pruning 

  • Fruit and Ornamental Pruning 

  • Expert Advice on Tree Health and Care

Stump Removal and Mulching

Our Stump Removal Team has the equipment and expertise to remove just about any stump anywhere.

We can also provide the clean-up with our two commercial-grade chippers, converting your waste into reusable mulch for your gardens.